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Anthurium Carpishense Velvet A0198 (EXACT PLANT)

Anthurium Carpishense Velvet A0198 (EXACT PLANT)

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Anthurium Carpishense Velvet (Exact Plant)

Elevate your plant collection with the captivating beauty of the Anthurium carpishense. This unique and rare species is native to Peru, specifically found only on the Carpish Summit, hence its name "carpishense." Its heart-shaped, velvety leaves add a touch of natural elegance to any indoor garden.

Key Features:

  • Endemic Rarity: The Anthurium carpishense is a true botanical treasure, known exclusively to the Carpish Summit in Peru. This endemism adds a sense of exclusivity and intrigue to your plant collection.

  • Velvet Heart-Shaped Leaves: The heart-shaped leaves of Anthurium carpishense are not only charming but also have a velvety texture, which sets them apart from other plant species. This distinctive texture adds a touch of luxury to your home decor.

  • Low Maintenance: Despite its unique features, this Anthurium is surprisingly low-maintenance. Place it in a location with bright, indirect light, water it when the top inch of soil dries out, and watch it thrive with minimal effort.

  • Rare Beauty: The rarity and unique origins of Anthurium carpishense make it a prized addition to any plant collection and an excellent conversation starter.

Plant Details:

  • Plant Type: Anthurium carpishense Pure Specie (No Clone)
  • Origin: Native to rainforests of Peru
  • Temperature: 60-70°F (10°C – 21°C)
  • Light: Bright, indirect light
  • Water: 2-3 times per week in summer, once every 2 weeks in winter
  • Humidity: High, 70-80%

Indulge in the allure of the Anthurium carpishense, a rare gem with heart-shaped, velvety leaves found exclusively on the Carpish Summit in Peru. Order yours now to bring a touch of elegance to your indoor garden.

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