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Anthurium croatii

Anthurium croatii

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Anthurium croatii is a beautiful species native to Ecuador. This plant is a stunning addition to any vivarium and has tri-lobed, finger like leaves at maturity. A totem helps stabilize this plant if grown outside of a vivarium.

  • Plant Details:

    • Plant Type: Anthurium veitchii Pure Specie (No clone)
    • Origin: Native to the tropical rainforests of Ecuador
    • Temperature: 60-70°F (10°C – 21°C)
    • Light: Bright, indirect light
    • Water: 2-3 times per week in summer, once every 2 weeks in winter
    • Humidity: High, 70-80%

Transform your surroundings with the enchanting Anthurium Croatti. Order yours today and infuse your space with the warmth of nature's love.

Please note that as each plant is unique, there may be slight variations in appearance.

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