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Anthurium Josei Narrow Form (EXACT PLANT)

Anthurium Josei Narrow Form (EXACT PLANT)

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Anthurium josei | (Actual Plant You'll Receive!) 

Presenting Anthurium Josei – a truly remarkable plant that's native to the captivating landscapes of Peru. This botanical gem features strikingly thick leaves with a robust, leathery texture, making it a standout addition to any plant collection.

Distribution and Habitat: Anthurium Josei is a testament to Peru's rich biodiversity as it's endemic to this stunning region. It's exclusively known to thrive in the Huanuco Department and appears to have made its home in the La Divisora area, thriving at elevations ranging from 1500 to 1600 meters. This unique species inhabits the transition zone between premontane wet forests and tropical environments, nestled beautifully between the mountains and the meandering Huallaga River. The captivating combination of its habitat and natural distribution contributes to the distinctive characteristics of Anthurium Josei.

Unique Illumination-Dependent Leaves: One of the most intriguing features of this plant is its leaves' adaptability to light conditions. Depending on the available lighting, the leaves can exhibit a mesmerizing bluish sheen, creating a captivating play of colors. As these leaves mature and toughen, they evolve into a lush, dark green hue while maintaining their impressive thickness.

A Tribute to Plant Enthusiasts: Anthurium Josei holds a special honor in its name, paying tribute to Jose´Schunke-Vigo, a dedicated plant enthusiast who collected the type specimen and numerous other extraordinary Araceae specimens during his illustrious career in Peru. His passion for the Peruvian flora was nurtured by his grandfather, Carlos Schunke, a renowned plant collector in his own right.

This plant is not just a botanical wonder; it's a living testament to the botanical heritage of Peru. Bring the allure of the Peruvian landscape into your living space with Anthurium Josei, a plant that seamlessly blends natural beauty and history. Explore this extraordinary botanical masterpiece today.

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