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Anthurium Kunayalense Ecotype (EXACT PLANT) A0036

Anthurium Kunayalense Ecotype (EXACT PLANT) A0036

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Anthurium Kunayalense Ecotype | (Actual Plant You'll Receive!)

Introducing the Anthurium Kunayalense Ecotype, Hailing from the lush landscapes of Panama, this plant thrives in the embrace of humid tropical biomes, flourishing as a subshrub amidst verdant surroundings.

Prepare to be enchanted by the exquisite details of this botanical wonder:

This rarity in cultivation mesmerizes with its quilted, velvety leaves that unfurl in a captivating dark red/brown hue, adding an irresistible allure to any botanical collection.

Terrestrial by nature, it boasts a diminutive stem, measuring less than 20 cm in length. The short internodes, spanning 2.5 cm in diameter, contribute to its unique and fascinating structure.

Watch in awe as its pale green cataphylls transform into a rich dark brown hue, persisting semi-intact at the upper nodes and gracefully fragmenting on older stems, adding a touch of grace to its appearance.

The foliage elegantly hangs from sub-erect petioles. The narrowly elliptic-ovate and heart-shaped leaf blades, with a sagittate outline, taper sharply at the apex, revealing deep lobes at the base. Spanning 20-41 cm in length and 15-34.7 cm in width, these leaves epitomize natural grace.

An upright inflorescence defines this species. Its terete peduncle measures between 8 and 38.5 cm in length and 5-6 mm in diameter.

The spathe, typically green or occasionally white, adorns itself in a lanceolate form, delicately spreading and slightly curling towards its apex—an embodiment of subtle elegance.

And behold the spadix, spanning 4.5-10.6 cm in length and 5-7 (-8) mm in diameter. Its transition from green to gray-green (occasionally pink) showcases a briefly cylindrical-conical form, either sessile or stipitate 3-6 (-10) mm, culminating in a narrow rounded apex.

Embrace the allure of the Anthurium Kunayalense Ecotype, a botanical treasure that captivates with its rare beauty and distinctive features. Perfect for enthusiasts seeking the extraordinary in their plant collection, it's a must-have addition that promises to elevate your botanical haven to unparalleled heights.

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