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Anthurium Papillilaminum 'Portobelo' ecotype (EXACT PLANT) A0103

Anthurium Papillilaminum 'Portobelo' ecotype (EXACT PLANT) A0103

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Anthurium papillilaminum 'Portobelo' Ecotype' Ecotype | (Actual Plant You'll Receive!) 

Indulge in the captivating allure of the Anthurium papillilaminum 'Portobelo' Ecotype,  Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Portobelo, a district nestled within the province of Colón in Panama, this plant embodies the rich beauty of its natural habitat. a plant that sits gracefully atop the pinnacle of botanical fascination. Renowned for its striking beauty and gratifying care routine, this species stands out as a mesmerizing addition to any plant collection.

The Anthurium papillilaminum 'Portobelo' Ecotype embodies elegance with its velvety, near-black foliage that matures into a lush dark green. Its terete to subterete petioles support an upright growth, presenting a plant that commands attention in any space. However, nurturing this beauty requires patience as it thrives in a habitat rich in humidity, basking in bright indirect light while nestled in well-draining soil.

Imagine a stunning spectacle: slender, dark arrow-shaped leaves boasting a dense velvety texture in a deep shade of green. holds a unique allure with its densely papillose surface, intriguingly transitioning from a rich burgundy hue to a vibrant green, displaying a breathtaking burgundy underside. Delicate, minimalistic radial veins add a subtle yet striking contrast, starting in a luminous yellow at the leaf sinuses, swiftly transforming into hues of red and green.

Watch in awe as this plant reaches heights of up to 90 cm when its leaves fully mature, with the potential, under optimal conditions, to soar to an impressive 120 cm. Yet, it's crucial to note that the Anthurium papillilaminum's leaves may undergo color variations if not provided with the ideal environment. Direct sunlight can cause fading or browning, while ineffective root transportation of water and essential nutrients may result in browning leaf tips.

Embrace the Anthurium papillilaminum 'Portobelo' Ecotype as an exquisite testament to nature's artistry, a plant that beckons with its lush, velvety allure, and revel in the gratification of nurturing its captivating beauty.

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