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Anthurium Regale "Variegated Mutant" (EXACT PLANT)

Anthurium Regale "Variegated Mutant" (EXACT PLANT)

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Anthurium Regale "Variegated Mutant" | (Actual Plant You'll Receive!) 

Introducing the Anthurium Regale "Variegated Mutant" - a stunning testament to nature's artistry. This rare beauty boasts a natural variegation, showcasing a captivating blend of greens, whites, and yellows across its leaves. What sets it apart are the subtle yet striking mutations, where tiny leaf-like forms emerge on the underside of the foliage, adding an enchanting touch of uniqueness.

With its heart-shaped leaves and deep white veins, the Anthurium Regale "Variegated Mutant" exudes elegance and charm. Each leaf is velvety to the touch, displaying a rich shade of dark green adorned with intricate patterns of light green to yellow veins.

As a collector's dream, this plant is not only visually stunning but also exceptionally rare, making it a prized addition to any botanical enthusiast's collection. Embrace the allure of nature's marvels with this extraordinary Anthurium Regale "Variegated Mutant".

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