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Anthurium sp. "Cumbaza" (EXACT PLANT)

Anthurium sp. "Cumbaza" (EXACT PLANT)

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Anthurium sp. "Cumbaza" (EXACT PLANT)
Introducing the Anthurium sp. Cumbaza – a native gem from the heart of the Amazon, thriving along the banks of the Cumbaza River in the San Pedro district, San Martin region of Peru.

This extraordinary plant boasts heart-shaped leaves with a unique touch of velvety green shimmer, directly inspired by its natural habitat. The Anthurium sp. Cumbaza showcases a rare and captivating feature—a distinct undulating, wavy formation along the edges of its leaves, contributing to its exceptional beauty.

Born in the rich biodiversity of the Amazon, this Anthurium thrives in environments resembling its natural home. It prefers moderately humid surroundings and well-draining soil to maintain its stunning appearance. Whether in bright or indirect light, this plant flourishes and adds a touch of natural elegance to any space.

The Anthurium sp. Cumbaza is not just a plant; it's a reflection of the breathtaking landscapes where it originates. With its mesmerizing, wavy-edged, heart-shaped leaves and the captivating green velvet sheen, it's a testament to the beauty of the Amazonian flora. Elevate your living space with the allure and natural charm of this remarkable plant, bringing a piece of the Amazon's lush beauty to your home.

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