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Anthurium sp. Silver Peru (EXACT PLANT)

Anthurium sp. Silver Peru (EXACT PLANT)

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Anthurium sp. Silver Peru  | (Exact Plant you Will Receive)

Anthurium sp. Silver Peru: A Stunning Houseplant with Silvery Leaves

If you are looking for a unique and eye-catching houseplant, you will love the Anthurium sp. Silver Peru. This plant is native del amazonas en Iquitos, Peru. While not formally described as a species, has garnered attention for its mesmerizing heart-shaped, silver metallic leaves that reflect light in a captivating manner. As these leaves mature, they transition into a delicate light green, adding an intriguing dimension to this exceptional plant. 

Anthurium sp. Silver Peru is not a difficult plant to care for, but it does require some specific conditions to thrive, thrives in environments with high humidity and thrives in well-draining, organic-rich soils. While adaptable to various light conditions, it flourishes best in bright, indirect light. Hailing from tropical origins, it prefers temperatures ranging from 65°F to 80°F (18°C to 27°C), ideal for indoor environments.

This plant is a perfect choice for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a distinctive, low-maintenance addition to their indoor green space. Add an exotic touch to your home or office with the Anthurium sp. Silver Peru – a plant that effortlessly combines elegance with its unique, heart-shaped, silver-hued leaves

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