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Amazon Plants Peru

Anthurium sp Trifoliate

Anthurium sp Trifoliate

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Exotic Anthurium sp Trifoliate  - Native Beauty from Tingo Maria, Huanuco, Peru"

Elevate your indoor garden with the mesmerizing Anthurium sp. Trifoliate, a native gem hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Tingo Maria, Huanuco, Peru. Flourishing amidst the lush mountains and the meandering Monzon River in Tingo Maria, this botanical wonder thrives in the midst of nature's bounty.

Distinguished by its uniquely shaped leaves, this Anthurium variety features a trifoliate pattern—each leaf elegantly dividing into three lobes, imparting a striking hastate form. The foliage boasts a captivating contrast, with dark edges adorning the leaf's petiole, enhancing its visual allure.

Ideal for those seeking a touch of the exotic, this Anthurium is well-suited for humid climates, mirroring the conditions of its native habitat. Embrace its natural beauty and introduce a piece of Tingo Maria's verdant charm into your own space.

Add a touch of South American allure to your indoor oasis with the Anthurium sp Trifoliate , an exquisite testament to the captivating diversity found in Peru's rich botanical tapestry.

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