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Anthurium Willifordi aff (EXACT PLANT)

Anthurium Willifordi aff (EXACT PLANT)

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Anthurium Willifordi aff.  | (Actual Plant You'll Receive!) 

Collectors' Delight: Coveted by plant enthusiasts, this species holds a special place among collectors due to its tightly formed bird's nest habit and the luxurious, velvety, padded leaves.Offering enthusiasts a chance to experience its allure firsthand.

Here's a glimpse into its unique features:

Endemic Charm: Indigenous to the Loreto Department in Peru, this plant holds the essence of a distant land, adding an exotic touch to any collection.

Distinctive Traits: Picture short internodes with a dense network of roots cascading downward. The leaves, with their short petioles (measuring 2-4.5 cm in length), boast a moderately leathery texture, forming a captivating 'bird's nest' habit. Its upper surface, velvety and subtly padded, contrasts with the slightly crystalline, matte underside, occasionally tinged with hints of red.

Floral Elegance: The erect inflorescence, featuring a 2.5-9 cm long peduncle (1.5-3 times longer than the petiole), showcases an upright green spadix tinged with purple, while the spadix itself appears in shades ranging from reddish to pale violet. Magenta-hued berries dot the spadix, adding a delightful touch of color.

Transform your space into a sanctuary of botanical wonder with the Anthurium Willifordii Aff - a prized addition that exudes rarity and charm. Experience the allure of this captivating species now more within reach than ever before

Anthurium Willifordii - a mesmerizing epiphytic plant belonging to the Pachyneurium section. Named in tribute to Jack Williford from Brandon, Florida, who spearheaded the initial collections of this species, this botanical marvel is a true gem.

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