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Amazon Plants Peru

Monstera esqueleto Peru form

Monstera esqueleto Peru form

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ntroducing our Monstera Esqueleto Peru Form an extraordinarily rare and stunning plant sourced from the untamed wilderness of nature. This unique variety boasts a deeper coloration and a more slender leaf structure with distinctive petite perforations along the midrib. Its primary veins are notably recessed, enhancing its exotic allure.

What sets this particular specimen apart are its remarkably large fenestrations, shaped like inverted teardrops, along with extended geniculum and prominent petiole sheaths. This exceptional plant thrives in the diverse landscapes between the mountainous terrains and the lush tropical jungles of San Martin, Peru, nestled right on the periphery of the Amazon.

Crafted by nature's hand, this Monstera Esqueleto Peru form boasts an enigmatic beauty that is truly unmatched. Its scarcity and unique features make it a prized addition to any plant enthusiast's collection. Take home a piece of the wild with this extraordinary and captivating plant.

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