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Monstera Obliqua French Guiana

Monstera Obliqua French Guiana

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Introducing our Monstera Obliqua French Guiana, an exquisite member of the Araceae family that boasts stunning fenestrated oval-shaped leaves. This particular species of Monstera is found in the verdant landscapes of French Guiana. The pollination ecology of the Monstera obliqua in French Guiana has been the subject of detailed studies. Information regarding the pollination ecology of Araceae species remains relatively scarce, predominantly focusing on those belonging to the Aroideae subfamily.

In French Guiana, the inflorescences of the Monstera obliqua exhibit bisexual flowers typically comprising a whorl of stamens encircling a pistil. The overall fruit set was relatively low, with only about 30% of the inflorescences bearing fruit. However, when pollination occurred, the fruit production was notably high, with 84% of the berries reaching maturity.

The inflorescences of the Monstera obliqua in French Guiana experience a rise in temperature during both the female and male phases. The greater the distance between the two curves, the higher the temperature differential between the inflorescence and the surrounding air, leading to an increase in the inflorescence's temperature.

Emphasizing its striking fenestrated and oval-shaped leaves, the Monstera Obliqua French Guiana stands out not only for its pollination peculiarities but also for its captivating and distinct foliage, making it a sought-after addition to any plant enthusiast's collection.

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