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Philodendron lupinum

Philodendron lupinum

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Philodendron Lupinum - Exotic Canopy-Dwelling Houseplant

Discover the captivating and rare Philodendron Lupinum, a houseplant species distinguished by its unique and fascinating adaptations that enable it to thrive in low light and highly humid conditions. Originating from the lush tropical forests of Brazil, this plant begins its life nestled in the canopy, gradually sending its roots down to the forest floor for stability and sustenance.

This remarkable plant showcases velvety, glossy, and corrugated leaves that can grow up to a striking 20 inches in size, offering a touch of velvety softness. Notably, the undersides of these leaves display a darker, maroon coloration, believed to be an adaptation for enhanced light absorption.

In caring for the Philodendron Lupinum, it thrives best within a temperature range of 55°- 80°F (12-27°C) and should be placed in bright, indirect light. When selecting a growth medium, consider utilizing a blend of orchid bark and perlite mixed with potting soil or opt for 100% Spaghnum Moss. Watering should be thorough, and a balanced fertilizer containing calcium and magnesium is recommended for optimal growth. Maintaining humidity levels above 60% is essential for its well-being.

If you're eager to add this unique plant to your collection, you can find it at select plant nurseries or through online stores. Embrace the joy of planting and watching this distinctive species thrive in your indoor jungle. Happy planting! 🌱

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