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Adding PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE: Mandatory for International Shipments

Adding PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE: Mandatory for International Shipments

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The phytosanitary certificate plays a critical role in international plant shipments. This document ensures that the plants meet the necessary sanitary and phytosanitary requirements for entry into the destination country, as per regulations established to prevent the introduction and spread of pests and diseases.

The process to obtain the phytosanitary certificate typically takes between 5 to 8 days. During this period, thorough inspections verify that the plants are free from pests or diseases that could pose a risk to the agriculture and environment of the receiving country. Upon obtaining the certificate, we proceed to dispatch the customer's order, ensuring compliance with international standards and safeguarding each country's biodiversity.

This document is indispensable for international plant trade, ensuring the safety and health of vegetation in the destination country while streamlining customs procedures for the successful delivery of orders.

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