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Sacred Geometry Pendant Hand-Carved

Sacred Geometry Pendant Hand-Carved

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Sacred Geometry
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Variant Description

Sacred Geometry Flower of Life Pendant.

From the Seed of Life emerges the Flower of Life, containing every mathematical formula, every law of physics, every harmony of music, and all forms of life. This symbol explains how all things come from a single source and are intimately and permanently interconnected. It's used with the intention of understanding and becoming sensitive to how things form a much larger whole and are never truly separate.

If we want to work on our unity with universal intelligence and transcend feelings of loneliness and concepts of duality, this is the symbol we should wear.

Crafted with precision and care, our Flower of Life pendant serves as a powerful reminder of our connection to the universe. Each intricate detail is meticulously hand-carved into premium reclaimed wood, reflecting the beauty and complexity of existence.

Experience the transformative power of Sacred Geometry and embrace the unity of all creation. Wear it as a reminder of your interconnectedness with the cosmos and the endless possibilities within.

Dimensions: 1.57 inches diameter.

Eco-friendly, reclaimed wood.

Sacred Geometry Pendant Hand-Carved - Unlock the Secrets of the Universe!

Every aspect of existence holds a sacred geometric code, from the smallest atom to the vastness of galaxies. Within this structure lies the harmony of creation, waiting to be discovered.

Our hand-carved Sacred Geometry Pendant is a tangible connection to this universal balance. Each intricate detail, meticulously carved into premium hardwood, reflects the beauty and complexity of the cosmos.

By wearing this pendant, you align yourself with the natural flow of life's energy, unlocking your true potential and transcending distorted patterns.

Learn more about the profound significance of Sacred Geometry and how it can benefit you. Send us a message to explore further.

Crafted with care, our pendant features hand-carved edges and a waterproof finish. Its adjustable cord ensures a perfect fit for every wearer.

Experience the power of Sacred Geometry and carry its wisdom with you wherever you go.

Dimensions: 1.38 inches diameter.

Eco-friendly, reclaimed wood.

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